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Texas is on fire and in the midst of a serious drought, and Governor Rick Perry has swung into action. 

With a proclamation.

For three days of statewide prayer.

   I have no problems with people praying for things. Praying for rain when your state is on fire might be a good thing to do, on your own time.

However, when you are the freaking Governor, it might be advisable to to get off your knees and divert some of those funds you are diverting  from health and human services, public education, business and economic developement, and channel it into beefing up  your state-wide firefighting forces. Oh, snap, you cut public safety and criminal justice, too.

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3 responses

  1. Becky says:

    Asshat fresh is a nice touch. You so silly.

  2. littlebangtheory says:

    What a ‘Nozzle – he’s living proof of the Separation of Church and Sanity.