On the national scale, my home state of South Carolina SUCKS.

   Statistics show that 1 in 5 SC residents is on Medicaid.  We are swamped with unemployment woes. Our children are consistently near the bottom for education, no matter what source you look at. Our economic outlook is bleak, because major businesses do not want to locate here  ( who wants to hire poor, malnourished, uneducated people??? NOT  those lovely, no-tax paying “people” known as corporations……job creators my ass!!!), and of course, as I pointed out earlier, there is that whole Southern Racist Redneck vibe to overcome, too.

So what genius plan has our esteemed Governor, Nikki Haley, R (edonkulous) come up with to restore confidence to the people of South Carolina???????
Is she infusing big cash into the education budgets of the many counties across this state  with dilapidated, failing schools? 

 Fuck no, she’s cut that shit by $6 million and vowed not to accept  federal stimulus money that has been set-aside under the Education Jobs Fund ( money that was to be used for education in an effort to help relieve  the state’s tight budget constraints).

(Bitch held a town hall at my kids’ high school and had the nerve to request that my daughter’s award winning  Jazz Ambassadors play for her appearance (after announcing that she thought funding for the arts was an unnecessary extravagance), arrived late, breezed right by them, and never bothered to thank the kids or the director for entertaining her fawning bunch of foaming Haley Hags. She loves schools and finds them quite useful……. ………except when they’re used for like, TEACHING and shit. Then they are a budgetary inconvenience.)

Is she encouraging the maintaining of safety nets for the states’  poor children, elderly, and the people who care for them?

      NOPE. Cuttin’ that shit, too, and following Rick Scott’s “Let’s drug test ‘em all ’cause you KNOW they’re all crackheads” footsteps.

Is she encouraging citizens to get over the past and stop flying the flag of a losing team (because hey, if you want black people to stop harping about slavery because it’s “in the past”, maybe YOU should stop fondly reminiscing about Miz Scarlett and the happy darkies doing the Cotton Eye Joe…….know what I’m sayin’ ?)

NOPE! Stars and Bars forever, baby!

So what the *#@% IS she doing to rally the citizens and promote statewide unity?

Nikki Haley is pushing aside weighty legislative matters and is ordering state workers to answer phones with a supper-chipper “It’s a great day in South Carolina” !

Via the Charlotte Observer:

~The Republican issued the order Tuesday during a Cabinet meeting, saying it’s part of changing the state and how people feel about their government.

Haley says she wants people to feel positive and says the phrase will put workers in a better mood while reminding them they work for the public.

No word on whether workers not using the greeting will suffer consequences.

Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian called it juvenile and in many cases inappropriate. Harpootlian says it’s a great day for someone getting a government check and living in the Governor’s Mansion.~

Because that’s what unemployed, hungry, illiterate people need to hear when they are calling a state-run office to make an appointment for WIC certification ,or Medicaid benefits, or SNAP, or maybe a cheery thing like a DEATH CERTIFICATE.  

Oh, and in other news, Governor Haley is having Patriotic Adulterer and Cancer-Ridden Wife- Dumper Newt Gingrich to the Governor’s mansion for a sleep-over.

Watch it, Calista.

Update.~  head over to Hysterical Raisins for Nonnie’s great Photoshop take on Nikki Haley’s Stepford phone greetings……it’s great!!!!!!

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13 responses

  1. Dr. Sisco says:

    How long will it be before one of these morons start pushing to reverse Brown v. Board of Education? We are already seeing a return of the Poll Tax, the return of slavery via increased incarceration high unemployment rates. Take off your bedroom slippers people – the South is rising again all over the country!

    • dcmartin says:

      Economically, Brown V. Board of education was undone years ago. People LOVE to trot out underperforming poor schools when they talk about vouchers,private schools, and home-schooling, but they don’t like to address the fact that most of them are that way because their funds are low, textbooks and equipment outdated, and their staffs are underpaid, overworked, and overlooked.

  2. okjimm says:

    Boy&Howdy…. everytime I think I lived in a screwed up state…. you top me! But we probablyz have more cows than you do… so there!!!

  3. Terrance H. says:

    My children are little – only preschool age – and I homeschooled them for awhile, but then I decided to send them to the public school as a supplement. And some wondered why. I tell them because I can yip and yap about supporting our schools and teachers all day long, but if I don’t support them, show a little faith in them, I’m a damn hypocrite.

    So far, I’m happy with the school; they have good teachers.

    When teachers get the short end of the stick, children get it as well.

    • dcmartin says:

      To me, homeschooling a pre-schooler is TOTALLY different than homeschooling an older child. Pre-schoolers are often just not ready for that classroom atmosphere, and heck – they will be out of your nest before you know it. Enjoy the time you have to bond with them and build the foundation they will need to succeed in school.
      I have nothing against homeschooling when it is done for legitimate reasons …………truly dangerous schools, harassment issues, truly horrendous teaching/curriculum………….but I feel for the kids who are stuck with it due to parental paranoia/fanatacism. Homeschooled kids miss out on the socialization (most good, some bad) that prepares them for life in the real world, in my opinion. To each his own, though, I suppose.
      I am lucky enough to live in a part of SC that has EXCELLENT schools that are competitive on a national level. It is interesting to note that even with our resort town’s explosion of gated, exclusive residential subdivisions, our area schools still have a high ratio of students receiving free/reduced lunches, and it definitely crosses racial lines and perceived economic status. I know kids who live in trailers, HUD housing, AND fancy neighborhoods who are eligible for free and reduced lunches, and all of them are high achievers. While I question some parents choices to live beyond their means, I do not question the importance of kids being fed while they are at school, even if our esteemed governor thinks they should just suck it up and starve during the school day.

      • Terrance H. says:


        You echo pretty much the same sentiments as my father upon hearing the news that I planned to homeschool my children. And after considering it, it probably does stunt the development of social skills.

        Many areas, including my own, have homeschool groups where the parents and children get together and the kids play. That helps, I think, somewhat, but then there isn’t a great deal of diversity among those groups, and most, if not all, are extremely religious, I’ve found. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but these people are, in fact, the Religious Right. And seemingly, that’s all they talk about it. Even before my transformation, I was never THAT FAR to the Right, so I would have been an outcast from the get go.

        I just don’t want my children around that kind of ideological zeal. It’s not useful, I don’t believe, in their development.

        I wouldn’t say our school district is competitive on a national level, but it’s small, tight-knit community that is heavily involved in almost all school functions. And I plan on supplementing their public school education, too, so hopefully they’ll be well prepared.

  4. nonnie9999 says:

    that’s the best that frank luntz could come up with? if you want to attract commerce to your state, have people answer the phone with something like:

    blowjobs are plentiful and free in south carolina!

  5. “It’s a great day in South Carolina??” Mmm hmm. I can hear the callers now. “Pump your sunshine elsewhere. I can’t feed my kids right now.”

    Ugh!! :mad:

    • dcmartin says:

      Hit that nail RIGHT on the head, Spinny!!!!!!
      It will be a great day in South Carolina when we are no longer among the poorest, unhealthiest, and least intelligent of the 50 states.
      Until then, stop trying to put band-aids on festering, oozing, gaping sores, Governor…………..putting a smile on a crackwhore doesn’t mean you cured the herpes.