Crazy McCrazerson Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Dude is at it again, and once again  I take to my D-list blog to  show how Illuminati-blind sheep like ourselves are oblivious to  all the Illuminati-led Satan worship going on RIGHT BEFORE OUR WOOL COVERED EYES!!!!!!

I thoroughly believe that psychotic mental patients deserve their basic human dignity just like everyone else, but someone at the sanitarium REALLY needs to do a better job of monitoring the patients because this guy is CLEARLY off his meds. Click here to read his rant about Whitney Houston’s Illuminati-directed murder… is at once hilarious, sad, and chock full of more “WTF?” than you can shake two sticks at.

Some of his bizarro claims (my added Snarklestilskin™ comments in blue):

  • Once the Illuminati or CIA (because they both pull these stunts) makes an actor or singer looks unstable in the public and they put you all over TMZ.Com (which is a website funded by the CIA)-they are now free to murder you because they know that the public will simply think that you died of a drug over dose.  These fake drug over doses are from the Illuminati and CIA 101 class.  This is what they do. (Harvey Levin – CIA operative!!!! Who Knew? THIS guy, that’s who!!!!)
  • Kanye West used to complain that his contract said that he couldn’t promote or talk about Jesus but once he got really famous, he made a track called Jesus Walks.  And what people may not know, is that in 2009, when Kanye West, was forced to take back his comments about the Bush Administration & racism, it was because he was two seconds away from being killed.  Look at Kanye West in the ABC Interviews around this time and you see sheer panic and fear in his glossed over eyes.  It was the same thing with rapper Ole Dirty Bastard. (Drugs and mental instability didn’t kill ODB – it was the Illuminati!!!!) Now Kanye West, is promoting the gay agenda and even flashing Satanic Illuminati hand signs on stage and he is doing this because Kanye West isn’t trying to wake up dead like Whitney Houston in some hotel room in Beverly Hills.

  • Before Houston signed onto The Bodyguard she also signed a contract saying that she would promote Lucifer via black dysfunction, drug use and glorify perverted sexual lifestyles.  This is the standard Illuminati Contract that all black musical artist sign, if they are to reach Super Star Status.  You can be famous in Hollywood but to reach International Super Star Status like Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Kanye West or Whitney Houston, you will end up signing one of these contracts. (Denzel Washington is Illuminati,too ,according to Crazy McCrazerson, and you can tell by Washington’s extreme black dysfunction – always on drugs,  can’t stay married to the same woman and maintain a stable family life, always broke, never talks about his faith……..OOPS.)
  • Just yesterday, when Obama was flying into Orange County, Ca (where Whitney Houston was living)-a drug plane got busted by Air Force One because it was flying in Obama’s air space.  Who controls these drug planes?  The CIA and Wall Street Illuminati Banking Families.This drug plane had a shipment of drugs for the Hollywood Illuminati and while the media is saying that this plane only had marijuana on board, it actually had cocaine….LOTS OF COCAINE. There was so much of cocaine on this plane that was grounded in Long Beach, Ca by Obama’s “people” that two Ice Agents in Long Beach, Ca started shooting at each other, in the Federal Building for screwing up the shipment.  The media will lie to you but I will tell you what really goes down with these people. Like I said, everyone in Hollywood that is A-list or really famous, has an Illuminati file and I can look at this file and orchestrated a public and well documented decline or chain of events, which will lead to the untimely death of the celebrity, and it will be done in such a way to where it will not raise suspicion. (The CIA- run Illuminati can kill, run drugs, and have celebrities’ families detained if the stars don’t do what they want, but they AREN’T powerful or smart enough to keep their files out of this guy’s hands. Or kill him for having them. They just let him blog his ass off about it. Guess he’s got his magic Jesus Protects Me From the Illuminati Pants on at all times, eh?)  
  •  Oh yeah, dude also says Whitney should have learned a lesson from the story about John Lennon or why John Lennon is dead but Paul Mcartney (sic), a man who has no talent, is still walking around and all over the place like he is from the cast of Glee (damn talentless hack never wrote a thing while with the Beatles, never had a successful band called Wings, and just shrivelled up and did nothing after the Beatles broke up. Wasted shell of a man, that Paul McCartney) .

Today’s Video Break is dedicated to the writer of………’cause he’s loco.

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12 responses

  1. thebewilderness says:

    I can’t believe he completely blew off the Marilyn Monroe was murdered by John or Bobby or the CIA. It all ties together, yanno?

  2. I love how the conspiracy nuts think that the CIA is actually capable of pulling off something of this magnitude. Dudes couldn’t figure out that Aldrich Ames was a double agent for like 12 years, were never able to kill Fidel Castro, but they can secretly run the entire world from the shadows without anyone knowing about it except somehow this guy.

    • dcmartin says:

      Can’t WAIT for the movie version with Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds!!!

    • Sedate Me says:

      Don’t confuse what they are capable of with what they’re incapable of.

      I’m not remotely implying they did, but the CIA is MORE than capable of killing some crackhead celebrity and making it look like some accident. It’s so easy, it’s not even worth the effort.

      “Uh, what are you doing in my -uh- where am I again? Oh yeah. the bathroom. Where was I? Yeah, pass me that rock, stranger, and I’ll sing you a song. How about soaping my back, baby? Hey, you choke stronger than Bobby does aacchhh”

      Just like spying on ordinary citizens is really easy (See: Loserbook), terminating unsuspecting victims is unbelievably easy. Any idiot could do it. (Not that I have have done it…yet.) It’s much harder to get to people who are expecting it, especially pros.

      Any thug can kill somebody and it’s shockingly easy to manipulate people. Even the dumbass Republicans are good at it. But it takes some competence to figure out the Berlin Wall is about to fall, or that “Osama Is Determined to Strike In America Using Planes”.

      That’s where the CIA is -uh-erratic

  3. TinkHarris says:

    wow… I think you are the blind one

    • dcmartin says:

      And I think you are an easily manipulated drone who can’t imagine that rich and famous people could possibly have problems just like everyone else without it being part of some shadow government/satanist plot to control tiny-brained people like yourself who are unaccustomed to the concept of free will and shitty choices. It must really suck to have to live life so totally controlled by your fear of the devil and the government and pretty much EVERYTHING in life. YOU are the blind one, listening to insane charlatans and liars who pervert the bible into a cruel joke the same way Islamic radicals twist the Quran.
      Good luck to you in the real world……you’re going to need it.

  4. This guy is for real?! :shock:

  5. Sedate Me says:

    This dude is hilarious. Of course he’s right about the CIA smuggling drugs and that the 1% are hellbent on world domination. He’s just confusing like-minded, self-motivated, behaviour with global conspiracy that controls everything that happens.

    But he’s so fucking delusional and ready to connect dots that few of which even exist, it’s hard to believe it’s real.

    I should check this joker out. Maybe he’s Illuminati and he’s doing a misinformation psy-op to distract people.

  6. Illuminatti Nutcase says:

    Thanks I love this post because it shows how comfortable people are with being blind, I can promise you that even if all that he said is not absolutely correct he is further on the RIGHT track than you. There, now you can go back to sleep.

    These comments went to the spam folder, but as they are not marketing anything I’m publishing them………..everyone deserves the right to look like a raving lunatic in a public forum. This poor fool definitely qualifies.

    -DC Martin

  7. Illuminati Nutcase says:

    Oh and I forgot to add “Mr. See No Evil”, right before Ol Dirty Bastard died he came right out and said that Bush and the government was threatening him and out to get him. And that’s because he said in an interview that rappers are being directed to dumb down their lyrics and rap about things that effect the mentality of the youth negatively.

    • dcmartin says:

      1) it’s “MRS. See No Evil”, thanks
      2) ODB was a drug-addled paranoid who didn’t have the sense Chtulu gave a flea, much less the power to uncover a vast government conspiracy to keep America’s black youth mentally impaired via dumbed-down rap lyrics.
      If you’re having mental problems I feel bad for you, son-
      You got 99 problems and my blog ain’t one.