Taking a brief break from the douchebagginess of the Right to bring you a few moments of pure magic.

I came across this fantastic video of Liza Minelli and Mikhail Barysnikov  via a post by Dance Magazine  on the Book of Faces.

Absolute perfection. She was truly the total package, and Baryshnikov………….. like the statue of David come to life with the ability to dance like pure heaven.



And for extra Baryshnikov goodness, here he is with the amazing Gregory Hines.
RIP, gorgeous and talented tap man.

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2 responses

  1. I remember that movie w/Hines and Mikhail….that dance scene was always one of my favorites! I also think Gregory Hines is one sexy man..and well, Baryshnikov has always been one sexy russian.

    Have a good Easter..I won’t but thats ok as long as the Ball n Chain keeps improving. ;-)

    • dcmartin says:

      T cried like a baby when I heard that Gregory Hines had died……he is one of my all-time dance idols.
      I never get tired of the dance scenes in White Nights, or the entire movie, for that matter. Great movie, amazing dancing, and Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov?????