If you’re a fan of bloated, narcissistic, ill-behaved and morally bankrupt dead conservative shit-talkers  who favors artwork that puts a noble spin on  people of low, sleazy character, have I got some artwork for you!

For the bargain price of  $3,999.95, you can have a limited edition 36×48 canvas print of  David Bugnon’s  “Fight”…… a masterful portrait of  a dung hill   Hitler’s frozen donor sample  idiotic hate and deceit  cancerous conservatism  Andrew Breitbart. If you’re a cheap bastard, you can get a  12 x 16 print for $29.95 and the soul-crushing knowledge that your pitiful  purchase barely qualifies you to call yourself a  true supporter of the greatest conservative mind  and blogging empire since Ronald Reagan took his last sainted dump  on a liberal idea.

Behold Andrew Breitbart in all his Crusading glory:

Art by David Bugnon, available in limited quantities (thank god!) at patriotdepot.com

Note the wind-blown, lionish mane of hair flowing back from his Furrowed with Conservative Concern brow!

Note the stately Douchebag Soulpatch rising from the bed of stubble that fights to take hold of his Archie Bunker-like face, ill-tended due to all the time Liberal Bashing took away from Personal Grooming Time!

Note the Princely Armor that can’t seem to make up its mind if it is Roman, Norse, or World of Warcraft!

 Note the clouds and backlighting that suggest that Zombie Breitbart now commands God’s Own Army in the hereafter, smiting liberals with Conservatardism from Heaven!

Artist Bugnon describes his heartfelt tribute to the fallen but not forgotten conservative warrior with wonderful words, but there were some facts missing that I feel compelled to fill in:

When it came to the cause of truth, Andrew Breitbart was one in a million  douchebag : a provocateur par excellence. America witnessed his combatant spirit  willingness to lie and creatively edit up close and personal when he and Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe blew the cover off of  released heavily doctored footage of  ACORN, and also when he used doctored footage of Shirley Sherrod to paint her as a racist, costing her her job.

Andrew would happily fight people, organizations and governments with tooth, fang and claw if he sensed any anti-American BS  non-conservative line-toeing, hapilly spending hours hate-tweeting himself right into a fatal heart attack. David Bugnon’s piece captures Breitbart’s essence as a contrarian: over- confident, pompous and geared-up for fights of his own making.

Make room on your wall for a limited edition reproduction of Bugnon’s painting  fan-boy masturbation . We should all emulate and get obscenely rich off of  the  moxie slick hucksterism and cynical political race and class-baiting Andrew perfected for that which is just and true  most effective for seperating easily-led sheep from their money and their liberty . Hang your print by the front door so as you depart your house and dive into the cultural trenches you will be ever mindful, thanks to Andrew’s example, that there are things worth scrapping for—and America’s founding documents are  funneling your hard-earned dollars into his family’s estate that will probably  all wind up as property of  Shirley Sherrod when she wins that lawsuit and renames Brietbart.com “BigShirleySherrodKickedBreitbart’sDeadAssInCourt.com”  is definitely one of them.

Sadly, I think I can name at least seven people I personally know who would buy one of these and display it with pride.

And YES, I would tell them to their face :

“Dude – you’re a DOUCHEBAG.”

ED- 6/05/2012

Thanks to a tip from thebewilderness in the comments, it appears that Mr. Bugnon, who threatened action against any liberal blogger who dared to photoshop his copyrighted work, is an admitted photo shopper (according to his own website) himself ,

““My art is a photo manipulation or photo “chopping”. I take bits and pieces of photographs, combine them, and render them into something new. I mainly focus on political satire but I do not limit myself to politics. If you see anything you like and would like to purchase a print, t-shrt or just abou anything else with a print on it, visit my Zazzle site (link above). If you don’t see the product you want, let me know and I’ll make it available for you on Zazzle.”

 who also TOTALLY cribbed Breitbart’s armor from the Assasin’s Creed videogame.  And check out this post to see who else Bretbart’s portrait bears a striking resemblance to.

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4 responses

  1. thebewilderness says:

    It is a photoshop disaster rip off of assassins creed. The enormous mendacious disembodied head make the arms look like T Rex graspers.
    Check it out.


    • thebewilderness says:

      Clearly the so called artist is as honest and upright as his chosen subject.

    • dcmartin says:

      OMG, that comment totally made me think of the line from “The Motherfucking Pterodactyl” about the T-rex with his “pussy arms on that pussy fraaaaame…oooh ooooh ooh”, and I am just LOLing my ass off at the thought of Breitbart running around with stubby T-rex arms and getting a new asshole torn by a psycho pterodactyl.