The verdict is in: GUILTY.

As it should be.



Trent Mays was sentenced  to a minimum of two years, to be served consecutively, and Ma’lik Richmond was sentenced  a minimum of one year.

How much time they actually serve, until their 21st birthdays, remains to be seen.

But in the big scheme of things, all over this country, it is sad to say that be you juvenile or adult, you are far more likely to be harshly sentenced for computer hacking than you are for filming yourself fingering an unconscious teenaged girl and then texting it to all of your friends and yapping about it on YouTube.


Steubenville tweet In a country where elected congrespeople think that certain races and certain sexual persuasions should be exempt from legal violence protections, it is a small wonder teenage boys think it’s okay to film themselves manually raping a passed out drunk classmate and post it on the internet.
You want to know “what’s wrong with kids these days”?
Look at who is raising them, and look at who we trust to make the laws that tell them what’s OK and what’s not.
It’s not the schools, and it’s not video games and movies, IT’S US.

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3 responses

  1. colinjames says:

    Exactly, I’m not really disappointed by the sentencing of the kids- they are kids, afterall- and I hope they can redeem themselves by becoming advocates for changing the culture that gave them their special kind of entitlement in the first place. In that sense, they are victims of a sort- NOT NOT NOT to say in ANY WAY,SHAPE, OR FORM- AT ALL!!- ‘victims’ on par with that poor, poor, girl, mind you- but as children conditioned by the football-worshipping, patriarchal, not-all-rape-is-rape-and-some-girls-rape-easy-anyways culture they grew up in. So, hopefully they see the light and become that catalyst for a new, less-rapey world, and make something of themselves. If not, let em rot. And my heart really aches for that girl.

    The Swartz persecution/prosecution by that prostitute for the 1%er supersecretsecurity state is a whole ‘nuther story- part of the war on whistleblowers/wikileakers/hacktivists, and while it does illustrate the perversion of our national priorities on justice, and wildly inappropriate sentencing issues… maybe I’m just seeing apples/oranges there. I dunno where I’m even going now. They both suck ass. Anon rocks. Holder’s been smokin rocks. And I need something ON the rocks…