Please feel free to comment. Please feel free to disagree. I welcome different points of view and a free flow of ideas. I do not, however, welcome douchebaggery. Trolls will be starved and quickly banished, so please  –  don’t waste my time or yours.  I’m a pretty no-holds-barred type of person, and I don’t get offended too easily, but these three things  will flag you for moderation every time:

  1. Using the “N” word
  2. Using the “F” word ( the one that ends in”ag”, not the one that ends in “uck”)
  3. Using the “C” word

           Free passes will be given for #1 if it is used in the context of discussing shows like “Frankie and Neffi” on BET (MLK Jr. spins like a tornado in his grave every time that garbage airs), for #2 if  used in the context of conservative lawmakers with strong anti-gay stances who get plastered all over the news after getting caught exercising their constitutional right to teabag a Rentboy, and for #3 if  used in the context of Sarah Palin. And in that context, the word “STOOPID” should always precede the “C”.

Other than that, have at it …..the “Comments” floor is yours.

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  1. Kimberly Mueller says:

    HAHA!!! Glad someone has the same high opinion of Sarah Palin as I do! She lacks…well, hell, she lacks A LOT of things! :)

    This is gonna be a great site, D! Glad Facebook has put us back in touch after all these years! :)

  2. Dusty says:

    Aren’t males douchenozzles? Just saying… ;)

    • ChrisOR. says:

      I recentely created the term douchecanoe as a political abstraction for a certain type of right winger. My definition is this: A douchecanoe is an alpha douchebag whom other douchebags piggy back off, so for example Rush Limbaugh is a douchecanoe, so is Mitt Romney, etc. I just think it’s a good term to delineate between the authoritarians who lead the right wingers versus the hatefilled but powerless wingnut douchenozzles whom we get the pleasure of reading (pleasure being a relative term). Douchecanoes are the physical and ‘intellectual’ leaders (the Koch brothers are douchecarriers who launch legions of douchebags into the public discourse) who create the “thoughts” of the right. It’s hilarious when”free thinking” wingnuts essentially blather these pre-packaged thoughts ad nauseum while calling others sheep…but I digress, you get the point. Funny you should mention them but free republic is another example of a douchecanoe; it’s a vehicle RW douchebags gather to spout racist, misogynist and homophobic invective in congress. So those are the various uses I’ve identified for douchecanoe, if other people like it and want to expound upon it, feel free to use, exploit and abuse the term (except for wingnuts, you can fuck right off). If douchecanoe is the little term that could and does make it into the ‘net venacular on some level, that’s totally fapping material and if not, meh I like it and I’ll keep using it nonetheless.

  3. dcmartin says:

    Hmmm…..never really thought about it, but I guess in my mind I picture “nozzles” as female and “bags” as male, but I use douchebag in a thoroughly unisex way. Males and females can equally doucheumphant.
    (“Doucheumphant” is my “refudiate” – if that nitwit Sarah Palin gets to make up words, dammit, so do I!!!!!!!)

  4. Rebecca Wright says:

    O.M.G. I stumbled across your blog while searching for the backstory on the old couple who died holding hands and then spent the past hour reading. Fantastic stuff here! Please let this 60-year-old white woman know if you are ever in Richmond, VA, Capital of the Confederacy in the War Between the States (which, BTW, is NOT over yet, even though Arthur Ashe was a really great guy and we know that because we put up a crappy-looking statue of him a few blocks down the road from our sainted GENERALS). We’ll sit down and dish. Meanwhile, write on!

    • dcmartin says:

      I have a sister who lives in Stafford, and my Grandmother lives in Pennsylvania, so I’m sure I’ll be back up that way sooner or later!!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and browsing around……I hope you’ll make it a regular stop.
      Douchealisciously yours,
      DC Martin

  5. Sedate Me says:

    Generally speaking, I don’t find ANY word as offensive as I find the inability to spell words properly and put them together in coherent sentences using proper English. Thanks to technology, it’s quickly becoming a lost art. I find it odd how words, in and of themselves, offend people and how deleting or “X wording”, as Louis C.K. once bemused, “Turns ME into to the racist because I filled in the blank.”

    Word 1) What is the N word? Nuanced? Narcoleptic? Non-Hydrogenated? Shit, it’s like trying to find out what words you can’t say on TV. Nobody will give you a list, but if you say one, you’re fucked.

    I could use the most politically correct words to describe a certain race or ethnic group each and every time. But if I still think of them as Christ-killers, primitive savages, slaves, etc, nothing has been achieved except for me laundering my hate. (Anybody who knows me knows I make what I hate perfectly clear.) It’s all about the feelings behind whatever words are used. The most vile, destructive, filth with the biggest ability to inflict real damage almost always use the most unobjectionable words.

    Exception #1 I have no idea what you’re talking about. I stopped watching BET a long time ago, right after I saw a Queen Latifa video where the chorus went:

    Ladies, you gotta let ‘em know
    You ain’t a _____ or a _____ ”

    Thanks to moronic, context-free, censorship, I never did find out what “the ladies” should object to being called. Thus Queen Latifa was rendered unable to convince me to change my ways back when I was still willing to change any of my ways.

    Exception #3 What if I object to treating “stoopid” as if it is a word and insist on using the real word instead?

    For example, “Sarah Palin is a stupid cunt. I would love for her to get shot by a wolf flying in a helicopter. Sarah Palin is such a stupid cunt, she’d probably defend the wolf’s ‘right’ to bear arms on her.”

    • dcmartin says:

      Offense is all bout context.

      I will not bother to respond to, or publish comments that mirror what you can find on (check it out, troglodytes truly walk among us) that bring nothing to the table, but when the words are used in honest conversation, I could care less. I have better things to do with my time and my blog than to be the dumping ground for idiots who live to say nigger five times a sentence. They have Stormfront and Free Republic for that.

      Re:Exception #3 – I object to treating Sarah Palin as if she were a real voice of reason and knowledge in the political arena, and therefore find her unworthy of the word “stupid”. That word lends her credence. She needs a word as hollow and made-up as she is, so “stoopid” she is.

      • Sedate Me says:

        That’s true about Palin, but I find it really hard to be as illiterate as most people are rapidly becoming. Perhaps I’ll put it in sarcastic quotation marks as you did.

        Which brings me to Tweets. The Twit Zone itself is offensive to me and seems only capable of reducing our attention span to zero, irradiating literacy and turning us all into grunting troglodytes, as you say. Just the comments I see on YouTube alone are absolutely stunning in their ignorance, sexism, racism and complete inability to use the English language.

        The Internet makes me fear for our collective future.

  6. Speaking of stoopid..Perry is finally dropping out of the race. ;)

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